break out phrasal

break out phrasal
verb (I)
1 ESCAPE to escape from a prison or similar place
(+ of): a plan to break out of jail -see also: breakout
2 WAR/FIRE ETC if something unpleasant such as a fire, war, or disease breaks out, it starts to happen: Several scuffles broke out in the crowd.
3 CHANGE YOUR LIFE to change the way you live or behave, especially because you feel bored: break out of a routine/rut etc: I've got to break out of the same old dull routine or I'll go crazy.
4 break out in spots/a rash etc if you break out in spots etc, a lot of red spots appear on your skin: Talcum powder makes me break out in a rash.
5 break out in a sweat to start sweating (sweat2 (1))

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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